The Meanings Of Father's Day And To-do List For Your Dad

After Mother Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, we are now all looking forward The Father Day , falls on the third Sunday of June, this is the holiday dedicated to honoring Fathers, which began in the US since 1972.
The Origin Of Father's Day

Why Father's Day fell in June ?

This idea came up with Sonora Smart Dodd whose father had to take care her with another 5 children after her mother's dead. When she grew up, she understood the difficulties, the struggles her father faced, her father is the symbol sacrifice, selflessness, tolerance in her heart. That's why she chose 06/19 - her father's birthday in 1910 was the first Father's Day in Washington.

When were American began celebrating The Father's Day ?

  • 1910 - Spokane, Washington
  • 1924, President Calvin Coolidge claimed The Third Sunday in June as Father's Day
  • 1926 formed The Father's Day in New York City.
  • 1926 Father's Day was recognized by the Joint Resolution of Congress
  • 1966 President Lyndon B.Johnson announced The official Father's Day is on the Third Sunday of June
  • 1972 President Richard Nixon established Father's Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of June

The meanings of Father's Day ?

We often take the sacrifice of our dads for granted in our life. Father's Day is the occation that reminds us of showing dad affection: present and express love, respect for his father. Around the world, besides the Third Sunday of June, there are many anniversaries for fathers. In general, giving flowers, gifts, cards with best wishes are popular in this celebration.
Father's Day is not only a day for fathers, it is also for all the men, who act the parts like a father in our live, for example, stepfather, uncle, or brother .
During Father's Day, let show to the men how much you love them so they can understand that they play the important roles in real life and how they can influence to our existence.

To-do-lists make The Father Day so special and meaningful

  • There are many things you can do on this celebrations, you need to understand your father deeply to give him the big surprise .Here are some suggestions:
  • Say "I love you" if in normal days, you are quiet emberred
  • Prepare a breakfast or dinner to surprise their beloved father
  • A bund of fresh flowers is also a great ideal.
  • A useful gift like: tie, shoes, books, cups or meaningful Dad T Shirts
  • Send an e-card or call home if you are away from home.
  • Cards and hand-made gifts, make sure your dad will be very touched and appreciate your gift.
Last but not least, no matter what your gift is, you just do with your heart, your father would understand and every day love you more than yesterday. You just can know how happy he would be until the day you become father or mother and feel this love from your children like you give your father now.